Roti sarang burung (literally bird's nest bread). Flatbread seemingly formed around two sunny side-up eggs, garnished with chili chunks and a side of sambal #food #Malaysia #foodphotography #photography

Taking a short break from the mystical side of Shopee, here's a relaxing pillow spray that will help you sleep using the aromatherapy essence of lavender and... Chloroform?

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Malaysia's Michelle Yeoh won the Academy Award for best lead actress for her role as a Chinese American laundromat owner dealing with family turmoil in ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once,’ becoming the first Asian woman to win in the category #Oscars

L'actrice malaisienne Michelle Yeoh remporte l'Oscar de la meilleure actrice pour "Everything Everywhere All At Once", devenant la première actrice d'origine asiatique à remporter cette récompense en 95 ans de cérémonies #AFP #Oscars2023

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