@maximspielwahn Willkommen auf meiner kleinen Instanz. Wenn Du Fragen oder Schwirigkeiten mit der Benutzung hast, oder Du auf Menschenfeindliche Toots stösst, sag bitte Bescheid. 🙂 Ansonsten wünsche ich Dir viel Spass mit der Mastodon Community. 🙂

It's not so easy to update opening hours for small owner-run shops when you cannot visit them - but I try my best: organictraveller.de/organictra has the updates to my for / . It's more important than ever to , especially those who actively .

There are plenty in / . But where are those lively crammed and which do not only offer daily necessities, but also chit-chat and atmosphere? There are surprisingly few of them actually caring about produce. Here's my overview: organictraveller.de/organictra

Die bürgerliche Mitte fragt sich gerade, wie #Maaßen nach 1945 Chef des Verfassungsschutzes werden konnte, nachdem Maaßen Häuser mit Menschen anzuzünden als Tat normaler Vertreter der bürgerlichen Mitte sieht. Historisch betrachtet weiß Maaßen also entweder absolut nichts über Nazis oder er ist einer.

the storage issue is fixed. every one of our mastodon and matrix services working quite normal now. 😅

just got the info; our storage provider have a technical issue. thats why the upload of images in our mastodon and matrix instances is not working at the moment. 😞

I have to restart our mastodon instance. there will be a short downtime.

Burschenschaft sexueller missbrauch 

The difference focal length and aperture make. Same cluster (M37). On the left, 12.7cm aperture, 1500mm focal length. On the right 20.5cm aperture, 800mm focal length. #astrophoto

I'm sorry for the blackout of our mastodon instance. we had network issues between the servers after our provider updated the internal network switches. 😞

HF Propagation and Earthquakes

For all the successes of modern weather forecasting, where hurricanes, blizzards, and even notoriously unpredictable tornadoes are routinely detected before they strike, reliably predicting one aspect of nature’s fury has … hackaday.com/2019/11/12/hf-pro

Original tweet : twitter.com/hackaday/status/11

Nun hat unser Storage Betreiber auch performance Probleme im neuen RZ. Wir arbeiten aber schon an einer Lösung um den Anbieter zu verlassen. Das dauert aber noch etwas. :-(

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