🇬🇧72323th reason why we need a right to use digital services anonymously: Facebook looses phone numbers, location and other personal data of 530 mio. users. bbc.com/news/technology-566390

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While I learned about another covid-19 born opening in the greater urban area Germany's second shop gave up it shop premises and is now online only. Sad.

Lockdown für Dividenden: Keine Staatshilfe für Aktionäre

Die Bürgerbewegung Finanzwende hat eine neue Petition gestartet: "Lockdown für Dividenden: Keine Staatshilfe für Aktionäre". Beim Staat um Krisenhilfe bitten und für dasselbe Jahr Gewinne ausschütten, das passt nicht zusammen. Wir haben schon unterzeichnet, und du?


#finanzwende #konsumwende #suffizienz #degrowth #wohlstandfueralle #vermoegenbesteuern #plastik #zerowaste

The old town of is full of small inviting owner-run offering carefully selected and goods --now that there are no tourists here it's even more important to choose carefully where to buy.So here is the update to my totally biased : organictraveller.de/organictra

📣 Online surveillance tries to track our every move. Luckily, we can use Tor to protect our privacy. But the offline world is different: we can't live life through relays. It's time to ban biometric surveillance.
Sign the petition & #ReclaimYourFace here: blog.torproject.org/sign-to-re

💧 #WeltWasserTag-Demo am 22.3., 12 Uhr in Berlin 🌊

2,2 Mrd. Menschen weltweit haben keinen gesicherten Zugang zu sauberem Wasser.

Daher wirkt die Profitgier von Wintershall Dea und BASF, die mit Fracking Ökosysteme und Grundwasser verschmutzen, besonders menschenverachtend.

After almost 15 years my trusted subnotebook started to be shacky (and couldn't handle many of today's far-too-big websites in decent time). So finally a replacement: a and whyopencomputing.com/de/laptop on which I installed .org


Here in has been in full swing for two weeks, and thanks to many opened as early as by the end of , among them fortunately also a few ones. So I started updating organictraveller.de/organictra

social-credit.org is an interesting blog on the topic vs. . Thanks, Katinka, for the good work

The sun is getting stronger - time to start planning what to sow on your balcony or garden patch this year: opensourceseeds.org

Took some time to write up all the new food places I discovered in pleasantly -free last summer. But here's organictraveller.de/organictra - with updates on opening hrs as far as I could get this information remotely.

No ride in today, in respect of the pandemic circumstances. Instead take a friend for a through your neighbourhood.

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