The pernicious effects #NetzDG had around the world: Examples of how Germany’s law provides cover for authoritarian states attempting to restrict online content

Why an -friendly and humane redesign of today's car-centric infrastructure would work towards justice:
Verkehr: Ein Angebot von Männern für Männer

Wer eine moderne Mobilität für alle Menschen will, muss neue Perspektiven einnehmen. Mobilitätsexpertinnen sehen Verbesserungsbedarf

We @haecksen are preparing for a next round of women in IT stamps for #36C3.
Should we present groups women this time? We thought of Pickering's Harem, Colossus Code Breaker and ENIAC Girls so far. Maybe Stephanie "Steve" Shirley's FI company. (Though we haven't done much research on them yet.) I would be nice to have five new stamps like last time.
Can you think of any other women groups? Maybe even from outside the UK/US?

#womeninIT #womeninSTEM #Mastoart #ccc @ChaosPost @digitalcourage


Allein durch Stau entstehen in Deutschland jährlich Kosten in Höhe von rund 80 Mrd €. Es wird Zeit, dass wir die Dominanz des Autos einmal grundsätzlich in Frage stellen! Danke für den Gastbeitrag, Manuel Frondel & vom!


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"According to the ONS study, China was the biggest single source of Britain’s imported emissions, as the UK ramped up purchases of goods such as mobile phones made in the Asian country, where labour costs are lower and pollution regulations less stringent"

Jedes fünfte in Deutschland für die Fleischindustrie geborene Schwein erreicht nicht einmal den Schlachthof. Die Haltung macht sie so krank, dass Millionen Tiere notgetötet werden. Ursache sind auch die Billigpreise im Handel. #ShareDichDrum


Dear entitled urbanites,

It’s the 8th day of protest by tribal / Indigenous people, esp WOMEN, against plan to mine COAL in 1700 sq km of India’s most dense forest. But neither you nor media care.

It’s THEIR livelihood today
It’s YOUR lives tomorrow





Did you know that Forest mortality has doubled in Europe from 1984 to 2016, and is now increasing even more?


#extinctionrebellion #tellthetruth #actnow #beyondpolitics #everybodynow


For a comprehensive my trip to /#Germany was far too short - but here are my tips on where to stay and eat (and have an organic , too).


In addition to sharing and receiving files without a third party, the newest OnionShare lets you publish static websites as onion services 🙌

Your IP address and identity will be protected, and your site will be censorship resistant. #onionizetheweb


When we stand up for encryption, we empower users.

@snowden tells @guardian, "End-to-end encryption gives control to individuals and the devices they use to send, receive and encrypt communications, not to the companies and carriers that route them."

Datenschutz dürfe keine Rücksicht auf Kriminelle nehmen, lese ich. Meine Antwort: Erstens verlieren auch Straftäter (und deren Angehörige) nicht ihre Grundrechte. Zweitens ist damit keine ausufernde Überwachung von weitläufig Verdächtigen(!) oder(!) aller BürgerInnen begründbar

Beeindruckend, mit wie viel Energie Unions-Politiker davon ablenken wollen, dass der Rechsextremismus in unserer Gesellschaft nicht durch neue Überwachungsgesetze aus der Welt geschaffen werden kann.


"The risk of catastrophic and irreversible disaster is rising, implying potentially infinite costs of unmitigated climate change, including human extinction" - the Eco-extremists at the International Monetary Fund.

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Full video:



"The power of consumerism is that it renders us powerless. It traps us within a narrow circle of decision-making, in which we mistake insignificant choices between different varieties of destruction for effective change. It is, we must admit, a brilliant con."

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