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While I am at it: The 's on are hopelessly outdated, help (and ) very much appreciated!

If you are in / , / and around I'd be grateful to hear whether places listed in the articles are still operating (in the described way).
I'm also keen to hear about newer places offering traded/produced and goods!

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Finally I finished my travelwriting on this summer's :
It's based on my posts here, but more elaborate, with links and all: notes on the , the people we met, the accommodation, the food. Enjoy!

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During I realised I need a 2nd account for all the stuff I care about apart from food, , and : So here comes @trish for the part of me.

The account will continue with , , notes on and , in short: with the .

I'll unfollow some of you from this account and move you over to @trish, to keep things tidier.

@jon what baffles me is that one new Nightjet, at just 7 single-decker cars, has capacity comparable to a typical narrow-body airplane.
And just 33 of them, that's 5% of total Ryanair capacity; at 1/10th the airplane efficiency (average speed) they'd only be able to serve 0.5% of demand Ryanair serves.
In order to serve as many passenger-kilometers as Ryanair alone, they'd need to have over a thousand 20-car double-decker trains.
Well, some people think Teslas are sustainable urban transport...

[💡New Data Detox Guide] Have you ever received an error message saying that your machine is too ‘old’ and cannot be updated🤔? In this Data Detox guide, you’ll become mindful of the physical condition of your devices and how to better care for them. Find out why repairing is caring➡️

Right then

The serious planning for #CrossBorderRail South East Europe has to start with *what rail borders* do I want to investigate

These are all now as pins in the map

The emphasis: ALL the places where lines exist between non-EU countries in SE Europe, external borders of the EU, and a couple of Croatian borders I am missing

Dark blue: must visit
Light blue: either have visited before and don't need re-checking, or are insignificant but could be added

Je découvre une magnifique critique de mon premier livre et j'ai encore plus envie qu'il paraisse dans d'autres langues.

Car contrairement aux éditeurs de langues étrangères qui l'ont refusé, je ne crois pas que l'auto-dépendance soit un "phénomène allemand".

Paris mayor quits X, calling the social media platform a 'vast global sewer'.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said on Monday she was quitting Elon Musk's social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, which she described as a "global sewer" and a tool to disrupt democracy.

#France #Paris #Hidalgo #AnneHidalgo #Twitter #SocialMedia #Musk #ElonMusk

@organictraveller My advice: Next time don't miss Mahlzahn; my #Heidelberg organic bakery of choice since basically forever: If you have a bit more time, you could also visit the food coop Appel un'Ei in Neuenheimer Feld, appelunei.stura.uni-heidelberg and nearby the bicycle self-help workshop URRmEL

With my last visit in five years ago, there's a lot to update on the 's . Unfortunately my recent stay was very brief, but here's at least an updated covering small owner-run shops offering durable and socially responsible goods, often and/or :

Whether you're interested in (not only ) and , or , the city of with many drawing on its past and present as a is a worthwhile destination even on bad weather days and during the cold season. Here's where to and if you care about food:

, , , and - the menus of inspired often resemble one another. However boring this may seem (who wants to eat this every day?) - they are usually a good starting point if you are on the outlook for an or in an unknown city: has updates and new entries for / .

@fedibikes @mastobikes_de @CriticalMass Today's evening break is at Wettersteinplatz now, not at Bavaria:

Second round is to start from here at around 8:30 pm.

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All of stands drunk on the tables these days? No, as today, , 29th Sep, is day! meet up for a leisurely in front of the between 6pm and 6:30pm. Let's see whether there will be the traditional break at the monument (w/ a view over the ) around 8pm, to welcome latecomers.

@mastobikes_de @fedibikes  @CriticalMass

European governments have “systematically” shrunk their railways & starved them of funding while pouring money into expanding their road network, a report has found. Length of motorways in Europe 🌍 grew 60% between 1995 & 2020 while railways shrank 6.5%

During the pandemics I did not find any openings in -- but now, finally the 's comes with new entries for the neighbourhood: lovely and / food which I full-heartedly recommend.

try hard to find new ways to survive - and those in are no exception: The nicest shop in town is about to relocate, leaving its splendid venue behind, another one is turning into a . The updated 's also comes w/ new entries, e.g. a source of fresh veges from a .

Gemütliche #Radtour durch #München: Heute, Fr 8.9.23 gibt's ab 18:30 eine Sonder-#CriticalMass aus Anlass der #NoIAA. Auf's Rad schwingen und die Stadt an einem lauen Sommerabend im Fahrradverbund aus unbekannter Perspektive, nämlich der der Autofahrenden, erkunden.

Treffpunkt 18:30 an der #Bavaria / #theresienwiese Wer's nicht schafft, findet die #CM mit der #CriticalMaps-App.

#WirsindderVerkehr #mehrPlatzfürsRad @mastobikes_de @fedibikes_de @dieiaa @CriticalMass

If you are in Friday to come (Sep 8th) join the extraordinary in honour of the . Note that this leisurely (only this time) will start from the monument at 6:30pm (NOT as usual from BayrischeStaatsoper). @dieiaa @CriticalMass @fedibikes_de @mastobikes_de

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