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While I am at it: The 's on are hopelessly outdated, help (and ) very much appreciated!

If you are in / , / and around I'd be grateful to hear whether places listed in the articles are still operating (in the described way).
I'm also keen to hear about newer places offering traded/produced and goods!

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Finally I finished my travelwriting on this summer's :
It's based on my posts here, but more elaborate, with links and all: notes on the , the people we met, the accommodation, the food. Enjoy!

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During I realised I need a 2nd account for all the stuff I care about apart from food, , and : So here comes @trish for the part of me.

The account will continue with , , notes on and , in short: with the .

I'll unfollow some of you from this account and move you over to @trish, to keep things tidier.

Today is the last of a month: time for the ride.

In we'll meet up in front of the from around 6pm and start to move at 6:30pm.
As usual there will be a break at the monument around 8pm, to welcome latecomers.

Ride careful today: ice-coated surfaces prevail.

@mastobikes_de @fedibikes

@buwel @SheDrivesMobility @rdfhrn
@md @ceha @marcokoerner

There is based on #OpenStreetMap where you can see all #ghostbikes worldwide and also edit them, add pictures and add new ghost bikes.

@ghostbikebot posts a montly overview of the number of ghostbikes known worldwide together with recently uploaded images.

ICYMI, our episode with Donald Shoup about parking is available wherever you get your podcasts.

Listen to the wit and wisdom of the Shoup Dogg.

#shoup #shoupistas #parking #cars #podcast

Renfe to run Barcelona-Paris trains by *the end of this year*

The piece says the refusal to approve Renfe's trains to run on the Lyon-Paris line has been overcome, but does not say *how* or what trains they will use

The piece is very political, but political will to solve FR-ES rail problems is urgently needed!


Link via @PGLux

Pretty amazed at the response to these already. Thanks everyone, hope they spark some conversations on the serious imbalance we’ve normalized on our streets.

Available here for anyone interested:

Thank you @organicmaps for saving my weekend in Zürich! With no internet connection (stupid roaming charges), the ability to use maps offline made the trip a real boon.

Screw Google Maps: Organic Maps is so much better.

This is also my link of the day:

#openstreetmap #organicmaps

The “Istra” evening service for #Slovenia 🇸🇮, worked by a #SlovenianRailways class 711 unit, leaves #Pula 🇭🇷 in a northerly direction, passing through central #Istria. The line retains plenty of old railway charm, including semaphore signals and station buildings dating from the 1870s.
Pictures taken in June 2022.

Endlich Ökostrom an der TU Dresden und allen weiteren sächsischen Unis! Viele Menschen haben in den letzten Jahren dafür gekämpft und sind nun ziemlich glücklich darüber!🥳 Mehr Infos gibts unter


I'm not aware of a traditional shop in , but earlier this year a equivalent opened its doors in the neighbourhood. Time for a handful of updates to the 's guide to shopping in town:

Polluting SUVs have the carbon footprint of a major industrial nation.

om du trenger noen forslag til gode vaner å innføre vil jeg nominere appen StreetComplete hvor du kan bidra med å fylle hullene i Open Street Map for området du befinner deg i. typisk svare på spørsmål som er det gangfelt her, er fortauskanten myk, hva er åpningstidene osv. ting som gjør OSM til et nyttigere alternativ til Google Maps.

Warum jetzt der sprichwörtliche #Nachtzug nach Lissabon nicht nur das Reisen in Europa revolutionieren, sondern auch noch das #Klima retten soll - und wer dafür verantwortlich ist sowie ein Blick in die neuen Züge:

#KlimaKrise #Verkehrswende #Klimaziele #Bahn #EU #Ampel #mobility #nachhaltigkeit #Klima #Klima #Klimazukunft #Flugverkehr #Fliegen

Das Klimamedium.

Mehr nachhaltige Mobilität in deinem Feed? Werde Follower!😘 🐿️ 🌱
Danke fürs Boosten.

Yay! Night train/sleeping car railway service Brussels – Amsterdam – Berlin starts on May 25th 2023.

Ticket sales will start on February 20th 2023.

Wish you all a pleasant 's Eve with this plant, flowering on my balcony at 48.1°North, on Dec 31, 22. May the New Year see more encouraging measures to keep our planet habitable for all of us, not only the super-rich.

Despite the rain almost a hundred met up in tonight, for the monthly . The accompanying enjoyed the ride, too: We saw a on a waving his feet, a policeman blocking a cross-road, to the music, and a policeman on his motorcycle standing upright, riding slalom. can be !

@fedibikes_de @mastobikes_de

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When people say that European Sleeper is a new night train between Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin, they are right - it is LITERALLY 1 SINGLE TRAIN

It will go westbound 3 nights a week, and eastbound 3 nights and week, and have 1 night for servicing it

1 train

Sure, I am happy it will exist. But this is a drop in the ocean given the challenges we face

Tomorrow is the last of a month: time for the .

In we'll meet up in front of the from around 6pm and start to move at 6:30pm.
As usual there will be a break at the monument around 8pm, to welcome latecomers. Cross your fingers for a festive rain-free evening at about 10 °C.

@mastobikes_de @fedibikes_de

! This plant (raised from seeds taken from an ) had too many green fruits when it got too cold on the balcony. Although the fruits have not been notably bigger indoor since, they will be ripe in time for .

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