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While I am at it: The 's on are hopelessly outdated, help (and ) very much appreciated!

If you are in / , / and around I'd be grateful to hear whether places listed in the articles are still operating (in the described way).
I'm also keen to hear about newer places offering traded/produced and goods!

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Finally I finished my travelwriting on this summer's :
It's based on my posts here, but more elaborate, with links and all: notes on the , the people we met, the accommodation, the food. Enjoy!

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During I realised I need a 2nd account for all the stuff I care about apart from food, , and : So here comes @trish for the part of me.

The account will continue with , , notes on and , in short: with the .

I'll unfollow some of you from this account and move you over to @trish, to keep things tidier.

Another example for the 's attempts to mitigate its impact can be found on the menus of the on-site : three dishes marked as -neutral. Why not all? Why not a single dish, no organic 'd (which would make a difference for an event of this size)? A single organic softdrink was on display, as everything else in a -way bottle. Even the coffee is served in throw-away paper cups covered w/ plastics. Disappointing.

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Unfortunately there won't be a positive update to : has always been a place w/ few food places, and I haven't been able to find a single new entry to the 's to this year. The only organic in town I know of comes from , what a shame...

If you wonder why the of the and the republics in the seems closed (it's under construction), with a scarse video presentation in front of it: The Czech exhibition "The Office for a Non- Future" is being shown on , featuring the toxic working conditions in , with an important message to all (knowledge) workers: Organize, .


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The at turns out to be a cum : Materials from the are being transformed into furniture and more for and with various , and projects like the in Porto Marghera, among others in collaboration w/ # @bellevuedimonaco! Good work!

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Alternatives to in times of diminishing supplies around the globe are a prominent topic at the : While the shows a traditional dry producing natural which will be used at a project on one of the 'n islands after the exhibition, you can actually use a dry circular toilet (or a unisex ) producing fertilizer at the pavilion.

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At the ticket office of the in I'm asked by which means of we came here, the exhibition would try to balance emissions. When I answered: "by train", the student at the ticket office seemed to be relieved, but her reaction showed clearly that this wasn't the answer she was used to. So here to everyone: can easily and comfortably be reached by . Use it to come to

@juefried @mastobikes_de @fedibikes_de @CriticalMass The statistics for yesterday's (early part) : 365 cyclists, perfect bicycle weather, one car parked on a bicycle lane, one car driver (male, w/ kids) trying to break through the peloton and being stopped by the accompanying police (mounted on bicycles and motorcycles) who were otherwise enjoying the ride as much as we were. Fun!

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It's in today, and the weather forecast is promising a beautiful summer day to all ! Meet up in front of the between 6pm and 6:30pm.
Break at the monument around 8pm, to welcome latecomers.

to start from Marienplatz 6:30 pm, @juefried ?

@mastobikes_de @fedibikes_de   @CriticalMass

are facing hard times, notably those established in the beginning of the pandemics. Many of them are forced to close now, among them the one in 's neighbourhood of I've been frequenting weekly for the past years, and the one in . I updated accordingly.

Ich wünsche mir eine Welt, in der niemand im Verkehr sterben muss.

Kommt alle zum #rideofsilence am 20. Mai 19 uhr Klagesmarkt in #hannover. Gerne mit weißem shirt. #vision0 #fedibikes #verkehrswende

Ride of Silence, 20. Mai | Critical Mass Hannover

Kommt zum Berliner "Ride of Silence". Wir gedenken der Radfahrenden, die im Verkehr getötet wurden.
Für ein sicheres Berlin für alle und für die #VisionZero Keine Toten und keine Verletzten mehr.
Was: Fahrraddemo (weißes T-Shirt)
Wann: Mittwoch, 17.5.2023, 19 Uhr, Rotes Rathaus

What's going to happen to the of the chain w/ shops in South Germany (most in ) and : All shops (at least in ) are being taken over by the conventional supermarket chain , making the latter a nation-wide player. Most shops are going to be converted into regular TeGut branches, starting in August 2023. Negotiatons on whether a few locations (three?) are to be continued as fully organic supermarkets are ongoing.

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9 out of 10 travellers between Stuttgart & Paris now take the train not the plane. "Huge increase in cross-border traffic as Germany's national railway expands services".

@organictraveller ich habe neue Empfehlungen für #berlin

- "#organic veggie dumplings" (kein Fleisch, 50% #vegan 50% #vegetarisch, echte Pflanzen im Laden und echtem(!) #ökostrom (Naturstrom AG) ) (Achtung mit den Öffnungszeiten)
- sehr geile vegane Bio Pfannkuchen mit Sauerkraut ( @moagee kann meine Begeisterung bezeugen) - nur, wenn Markt ist
- - toller Ort an der Spree mit viel recycle und upcycle Möbel und Bauwerken, sehr viel bio, z.B. viele Getränke oder Cafe Holzmarktperle hat bio Smoothies oder auch bio Kuchen (vegan und nicht-vegan) - hier ist immer was los

#bio #organic #organicTraveller #erneuerbareEnergien #erneuerbareEnergien

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@fedibikes_de @mastobike_de @CriticalMass @juefried I'm sorry, my hopeful weather forecast did not work out for the in tonight. But despite the pouring rain, 50+ good-humoured and a handful policemen mounted on and bikes swam bravely against the car wave, meeting a lot of amazed drivers' eyes :)

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Da heute der letzte Freitag im Monat ist, können wir das bestätigen. :blobcatcool: #lastBoost

Wir sehen uns dann ab 18:30 am Skatepark Lingnerallee, Abfahrt gegen 19:00.

Denkt an


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