In einigen Städten demonstrieren einmal im Monat Radfahrer für ihre Rechte. In Nürnberg ließen hilflose Polizisten die Luft aus den Reifen einiger Teilnehmer.
Unangemeldete Demo: Polizei lässt Fahrrad-Aktivisten die Luft raus
#Coronavirus #CriticalMass #Demonstration #Fahrrad #Polizei #Verkehrswende #Zweirad

"The numbers are there. We cannot get away from that fact. Nature doesn’t bargain & you cannot compromise with the laws of physics. And either we accept & understand the reality as it is, or we don’t. Either we go on as a civilisation or we don’t." #Greta

This spring and summer sees a blooming of here in / , both within the city boundaries and in the greater area covered by the S-Bahn urban train network. Welcome and support the new in , , and - to open next Monday - :

In / tomorrow, 18th July? Join the parade around the inner city starting from at 3pm to remind the city of its year-old commitment to build and develop a bicycle and human friendly .

Bring masks and keep distance - on spacious bicycle lanes.

To pick when you don't have your own allotment requires a and/or ride out of town for those living in / : lists the strawberry field and other organic places in as well as my suggestions for a recreational .

BREAKING: Activists from have dyed the River Spree in Berlin green in protest against water pollution caused by RWE and LEAG's coal mining.

Hans Joachim Schellnhuber:
"Wenn nichts geschieht, wird die Erderwärmung bis zum Ende dieses Jahrhunderts 4-5°C betragen."
"Erdgeschichtlich gesehen wäre das eine Zeitreise von 30 Millionen Jahren zurück." #WeiterSoWarGestern


The City has painted the street leading to the White House.

It's not so easy to update opening hours for small owner-run shops when you cannot visit them - but I try my best: has the updates to my for / . It's more important than ever to , especially those who actively .

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