It's not so easy to update opening hours for small owner-run shops when you cannot visit them - but I try my best: has the updates to my for / . It's more important than ever to , especially those who actively .

Almost all the listings in the 's guide to have updates! While you cannot most places offer and/or , and you'll find novelties like a run by one of the city's most decorated chefs:

Heute sind Zweifel daran aufgetaucht, dass PEPP-PT tatsächlich das privatsphärefreundlichste Konzept verfolgt, das möglich ist.
Deshalb haben wir unsere Einschätzung, wie wir sie am 08.04.2020 veröffentlicht haben, verändert. /p

Logging Into Linux with a 1930s Teletype

Buried deep within all UNIX-based operating systems are vestiges of the earliest days of computing, when “hardware” more often than not meant actual mechanical devices with cams and levers and pulleys and grease.…

Original tweet :

Jitsi Meet ist auf dem Weg zur Ende-zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung der Videokonferenz.

“Palantir, the US big data firm founded by the rightwing billionaire Peter Thiel, is working with Faculty, a British AI startup [to process] large volumes of confidential UK patient information in a data-mining operation…”

Be worried. Be very worried.

Ross Anderson crystal-clear on intrusive systems like Contact Tracing Apps: What we need is a radical redistribution of resources from the surveillance-industrial complex to public health #Covid19


When Apple and Google have added contact tracing to their operating systems it will take about 2 weeks until advertising companies will integrate that information into their profiling.


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