Nur noch drei Wochen, bis zum 30. Juli, könnt Ihr einen #PersoOhneFinger beantragen. Danach wird der Fingerabdruck im Personalausweis zur Pflicht. Wie das funktioniert hat unser Campaigner selbst ausprobiert und berichtet heute über den Tag verteilt per Video darüber. /K (1/4)

Did someone say "interactive badge generation tool"? :ablobcool:
Sources for ./badges web v1.0.0 are now available at
Live deployment coming soon, if everything works out, thanks to the nice folks at @codeberg
#foss #release #badges

Our response to climate change is missing something big, scientists say

Some environmental solutions are win-win, helping to rein in global warming and protecting biodiversity, too. But others address one crisis at the expense of the other. Growing trees on grasslands, for example, can destroy the plant and animal life .. #climateemergency #pollution #environment #ecology

Finally: the first of last year's pop-up in reappeared as a permanent solution on busy Rosenheimer Str., after a decade-long discussion.

Reading for fun and profit:
"These files are never used for anything inside Signal and never interact with Signal software or data, but they look nice, and aesthetics are important in software."

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Innovation is futile unless the vaccines are distributed equitably. Keeping them in private hands is not just unethical, it destroys the very purpose of the public investments that were meant to address the crisis @MazzucatoM @Jayati1609 @TheEconomist

🇬🇧72323th reason why we need a right to use digital services anonymously: Facebook looses phone numbers, location and other personal data of 530 mio. users.

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While I learned about another covid-19 born opening in the greater urban area Germany's second shop gave up it shop premises and is now online only. Sad.

Lockdown für Dividenden: Keine Staatshilfe für Aktionäre

Die Bürgerbewegung Finanzwende hat eine neue Petition gestartet: "Lockdown für Dividenden: Keine Staatshilfe für Aktionäre". Beim Staat um Krisenhilfe bitten und für dasselbe Jahr Gewinne ausschütten, das passt nicht zusammen. Wir haben schon unterzeichnet, und du?

#finanzwende #konsumwende #suffizienz #degrowth #wohlstandfueralle #vermoegenbesteuern #plastik #zerowaste

The old town of is full of small inviting owner-run offering carefully selected and goods --now that there are no tourists here it's even more important to choose carefully where to buy.So here is the update to my totally biased :

📣 Online surveillance tries to track our every move. Luckily, we can use Tor to protect our privacy. But the offline world is different: we can't live life through relays. It's time to ban biometric surveillance.
Sign the petition & #ReclaimYourFace here:

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