@organictraveller @aligyie The „Red“ is a normal restaurant in the evening, at least it used to be.

@jlink I love the "red".
There is always something delicious at the buffet. I enjoy the roasted onions with vinegar or the Duchess-like potatoes. They have also "normal" things like coleslaw or cauliflower bake.
The place is 100% #vegeterian and they have great variety of #vegan and #glutenfree options - especially for the cakes!

The buffet varies on the season. The last months, there were Lamb's lettuce, beetroot, spinach salad. Before that, you could find pumpkin and in late summer they have their home-grown tomatoes for what they are famous for. But also their other ingredients are from the region. E.g. the potatoes and vegetables are from the very same palatine farmer, who often tries out different species. The "Pfälzer Rüebli" (yellow carrots) are a must-try. They taste very different, less sweet, but very aromatic. Chickpeas, lentils, potatoes can be found all year around, but always a bit different.
Additional, there is a dish of the day served until 9 pm

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