If you are in and the greater Munich area today, (Apr, 21), get yourself a and join a joyous , the rally: bike convoys are going to leave from 4 meeting points in Munich as well as from , + several towns within the S-Bahn urban railway network. Find your preferred start here: muenchen.adfc.de/sternfahrt#c1

A on the will be the highlight of all routes.

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I felt lucky that I had been able to buy a on trains for today's travel to . All went fine until I discovered on the platform at Hbf that my connecting ICE 1559 wouldn't come with bike racks. I went to the information desk which sent me to the ticket office two floors down.

While queueing there I checked .de to discover that I would have been able to buy a bike ticket for this very ICE at that very moment. @mastobikes_de @fedibikes 1/2

Wish you all a pleasant 's Eve with this plant, flowering on my balcony at 48.1°North, on Dec 31, 22. May the New Year see more encouraging measures to keep our planet habitable for all of us, not only the super-rich.

! This plant (raised from seeds taken from an ) had too many green fruits when it got too cold on the balcony. Although the fruits have not been notably bigger indoor since, they will be ripe in time for .

Even when crowded and muddy 's stays welcoming, pleasant and friendly. , , food and gifts, the market boothes keep open til Friday to come.

is a perfect destination for a climate-friendly trip by or . You have a beautiful room in a luxurious run in accordance w/ the ecogood.org principles - and then the great disappointment: it has a view on the hotel's parking lot packed with obese cars. So where to stay in 's birthplace? organictraveller.de/organictra has updates.

Arrived in ! The final leg of the muenchen-venezia.info/ from to is flat, dry and hot. The usual route mix: leisurely alleys in the shade along the river, here and there separated communal of varying quality, shared traffic on not too highly frequented roads. The route is marked but often with small signs easy to be missed. We did not follow it strictly but cut off here and there on local bikeroutes.

The 4rd leg of the muenchen-venezia.info/ starts nicely downhill on a paved separated bikeroute out of . At Località Socol the route u-turns to the left into the gravel nuisance of a hiking trail.
It becomes a bicycle route worth the name after you leave the municipality of Cortina d'Ampezzo on the former train bed to St. Vito di Cadore, and further on along the valley. Comfortable cycling with great views.

2nd leg on the muenchen-venezia.info/: Lazy start on the urban train from to , and from there: let loose and roll on on the track bed of the old train line. Easy. Cycling started around . Lots of cyclists on the way, but there is no minute without the constant noise of fossile fuelled passively moved obese cars on the .

What surprised me most about 's beautiful medieval old town was not just the abundance of small -run shops but the existence of more than one workshops cum offering priced produced designs made from natural materials: organictraveller.de/organictra

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