Time goes by, and small owner-run shops are closing. So I had to remove quite a number of shops dear to my heart from the . But there's a new entrance, too:

Last year's tour went around , and it took some time to compile the 's going with it. But here you are, well in time before the start of the spring : a few suggestions for food places in and around: organictraveller.de/organictra

@mastobikes_de @fedibikes_de

If you still want to have at decorated in , you have to hurry: The place is going to move to 's . Here are the latest updates to the 's guide to organic food in Trondheim: organictraveller.de/organictra

is the season for hearty local , and it's good to see that a number of in are using ingredients. Here's a list, in good time for the traditional strong season: organictraveller.de/organictra

The alternative to gravity bins and refill stations are pre-filled returnable glasses, and some have been significantly increasing the number of these products in their shelves. The supermarkets in are among them, extending the range of their own farm products: organictraveller.de/organictra

In , only one of formerly three is left, but fortunately the local food VG with its many organic supermarkets (and also other organic supermarket chains) allow you to buy dry food (and sweets!) in your own containers. Here's the updated 's to in town: organictraveller.de/organictra

Little time when changing trains and hungry? At there's no need to compromise on the quality and the of hastily grasped as there's an easily accessible cum on ground level: organictraveller.de/organictra

If you don't speak Portuguese it's not easy to find places offering in beautiful (and easily navigable) / . So I hope the following research on location proves helpful: organictraveller.de/organictra

With my last visit in five years ago, there's a lot to update on the 's . Unfortunately my recent stay was very brief, but here's at least an updated covering small owner-run shops offering durable and socially responsible goods, often and/or : organictraveller.de/organictra

During the pandemics I did not find any openings in -- but now, finally the 's organictraveller.de/organictra comes with new entries for the neighbourhood: lovely and / food which I full-heartedly recommend.

try hard to find new ways to survive - and those in are no exception: The nicest shop in town is about to relocate, leaving its splendid venue behind, another one is turning into a . The updated 's organictraveller.de/organictra also comes w/ new entries, e.g. a source of fresh veges from a .

Despite 's long history as a hub the way to a decent -traded, coffee drink (or ) can be longer than expected: Here's the updated 's to organic , and , with interesting new discoveries: organictraveller.de/organictra

Down-to-earth for all in (if you can't afford the more sophisticated dishes there's a pay-as-you-can meal made from the same quality ingredients): This year I managed to have at a partially I discovered last year in the very city center - and here are the updates to the 's : organictraveller.de/organictra

Taking your with you on a long-distance usually requires early planning and ticket acquisition well (i.e. several months) in advance. So a at your destination comes in as your next option, preferably from a . Here is the 's update on independent in : organictraveller.de/organictra

@mastobikes_de @fedibikes_de

My stay in was very short, but long enough to come up with a good news: My favourite in the neighbourhood reopened w/ only slight modifications, one of them: it's 100% now. organictraveller.de/organictra

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