Crazy world.
If you do not own a or telephone (like me), you are not able to do online banking... so I went to the bank branch here in my town, there is knob and a screen, after pushing the knob 3 times and waiting for 10minutes, no one appeared on the screen...
So I am wondering how it comes that 2 big foreign companies silently took over the world.

I am a lover, enthusiast, I do care about and it looks like just lost its value.

@sharinggoodmoments It's far worse than just banking, here in The #Netherlands you'll soon require an Apple or Google device (and account with those US company's ) to be able to login/identify to government services or health-insurance. Bye #privacy #freedom #security

why does no one care ?? looks like all politicians are already brain-dead.

That's the question!
Here in The #Netherlands we have a government that does not trust it's populace and so 'justifies' new #privacy shredding legislation (and a few political scandals) in recent years.

And apparently the majority of the people don't care, as there is hardly any public discourse regarding #privacy / #security and for most political party's it's not even a topic unfortunately.

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