final sandblasting of the racks... now only grinding the welds and no more metal work. next week all of our beloved tools will be away 🥲

today we visited marco from
he sewed us these colorful bags out of an old surfing sail.

after a lot of and we tested our rigs and gear last night.. a few more modifications are needed, but we are getting there :)

currently also minimizing my digital hardware to be ready as a cycling nomad.
do love the community and

trop cool! Je viens de m'inscrire à l'événement bikepacking de 3 jours au pays des marmottes. ce sera certainement un bon entraînement pour le tour du monde... 😅🚵‍♀️😎

gravELLE x komoot Women's Weekender - Marmot's Land Edition

Time to build a frontrack, but not sure yet how it should look like.. spending hours smoking cigarettes, drinking wine and starring at my fork:

fiona's first bike build / parts assembling... except the wheels, they are still missing.

Finally the first bike is put together (was a pain to get all needed parts and to fit them).

Today I am going to the first testride and will also think about bags/racks...fingers crossed.

Since we are selling and giving away all of our stuff, the one room flat is currently a huge mess... Marc sold some racks and their content is now on the floor....

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