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in exactly one month we will start cycling...

... becoming nervous already :)

(sold the car yesterday, spent the rest of the day doing phonecalls and paperwork. there are so many things you have to cancel and always explain you are going nomad. most of the people are very friendly and helpful.)

modified keyboard, now it acts also as a powerbank.... we are getting there... t -6 weeks 😅

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currently also minimizing my digital hardware to be ready as a cycling nomad.
do love the community and

trop cool! Je viens de m'inscrire à l'événement bikepacking de 3 jours au pays des marmottes. ce sera certainement un bon entraînement pour le tour du monde... 😅🚵‍♀️😎

gravELLE x komoot Women's Weekender - Marmot's Land Edition

Crazy world.
If you do not own a or telephone (like me), you are not able to do online banking... so I went to the bank branch here in my town, there is knob and a screen, after pushing the knob 3 times and waiting for 10minutes, no one appeared on the screen...
So I am wondering how it comes that 2 big foreign companies silently took over the world.

I am a lover, enthusiast, I do care about and it looks like just lost its value.

Question #1 we get asked:
"Did you save a lot of money?"

What a stupid question!

"No we did not!" is the answer.

We both have a great skillset and we can work everywhere on this planet.

We no longer work for stupidity, modern slavery and consumption greed. We don't need an SUV car, we don't want plastic bottled water and we don't pay taxes for a system which is bound on endless growth and destruction. We want to spend our lifetime for sustainable projects with a future.

Time to build a frontrack, but not sure yet how it should look like.. spending hours smoking cigarettes, drinking wine and starring at my fork:

I had 3 art exhibitions here in Biel/Bienne, currently working for 3 museums, having amazing projects with lovely friends..... It feels quite weird to know that in a bit more than 2 months all our stuff needs to be sold. Chairs, tables, bed, solderingstation, 3d printer, lasercutter, workstation, projectors, tools, huge artpieces, kitchen stuff everything needs a new owner. It feels overwhelming and liberating in the same time. ;-)

fiona's first bike build / parts assembling... except the wheels, they are still missing.

Finally the first bike is put together (was a pain to get all needed parts and to fit them).

Today I am going to the first testride and will also think about bags/racks...fingers crossed.

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